Natsucon Panel Application Cutoff Date

It has come to my attention that the dates I set don’t correspond well with each other. Sorry bout that! The new cutoff date will be MONDAY JUNE 24. Sorry for the confusion!


ATTENTION! The cutoff date for submitting panels for Natsucon 2013 will be MONDAY JUNE 21! All panels submitted after that point cannot be accepted! If you have submitted a panel application please expect an email confirming or denying your panel that week. Thank you!

To submit a panel, simply go to the top corner under ‘Programming’ and select ‘Panels’ >> ‘Panel Application’ Fill you the form and send it to be reviewed!

NatsuCon Fashion Show!

Calling all models and Japanese fashion enthusiasts!

Want to help us put on a fashion show? We’re looking for people to help us put on a fashion show as models! Models will receive $5 back towards the purchase of their badge for NatsuCon 2013, receive FastPass status, and be entered to win a free pass for NatsuWeen 2013 or NatsuCon 2014! *

To be considered, please send an email to with your name, age, and what fashion style you are representing in the subject line, and attach photos of you in the exact outfit you want to wear for the fashion show. Minor accessory changes are of course acceptable but please show the “core” of the outfit. Each entry must be its own email, so if you want to try to enter five outfits for three fashions you must send five separate emails! While you may enter to be a model in as many categories as you like each model will only be chosen for one specific outfit.

We want to show as many fashion styles as possible, not just lolita fashion! Styles we are looking for include:

  • Sweet, Classic, Gothic lolita
  • Aristocrat
  • Mori
  • Fairy kei
  • Kigurumi
  • Kimono and/or yukata
  • Decora
  • Yankee
  • Gyaru/Gal styles

If you can think of anything else, we’d love to see it! You are actually more likely to be chosen if you enter less common fashion!

We will be attempting to select “Understudy” models, who will be compensated $5 if they check in during the rehearsal time and entered into their own drawings.

Again, send  an email to with your name, age, and what fashion style you are representing in the subject line, and attach photos of you in the exact outfit you want to wear for the fashion show.

More details to come!

*Models must be present to be entered, and must attend the practice session in order to receive rewards!

NatsuCon DJ Battle Open for Submissions!

NatsuCon is looking for enthusiastic DJs to play at the Saturday Night Dance Party! Interested applicants should be:

  • Proficient in their abilities to mix
  • Knowledgable in their musical library
  • Enthusiastic about electronic music
  •  Outgoing, personable, and fun

Are you ready to spin at NatsuCon 2013? Put your chops to the test: submit your mix focusing on house and electrohouse to us! The best of the best will be invited to battle head-to-head on June 18th at Upstairs Lounge, hosted by Anime House Tuesday.


Interested competitors must be available for both the night of the battle, and July 13th, the night of the dance.

Mixes should demonstrate a good variety of artists and styles, with a distinct personal sound. Bonus points for using videogame and anime inspired tracks. Mixes should be at least 45 minutes; only the first 45 minutes of any submission will be judged. Suggested sites to host your mix are soundcloud, mixcloud, or mediafire.

Mixes must be in 320kbps MP3 format.

Submissions can only be sent in before June 11th, 2013.

As of June 11th the top 10 sets will be selected to battle for the final spot. In the interest of fairness, voice-over introductions or dj-watermarks are discouraged. All judging decisions are final.

The Battle will consist of ten 15-minute sets, which will be judged based on mixing (harmonics, beat-matching), song quality, crowd participation, and setup. After each DJ has played, the judges will deliberate and if necessary there will be a 15 minute tie-breaker set from the top competitors.

The winner receives a NatsuCon Guest pass and will get booked to open NatsuCon’s Saturday Night Dance Party!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to get started!


Cosplay Guest of Honor


NatsuCon is proud to welcome Missyeru (Michelle D’Antonio) as our Cosplay Guest of Honor for NatsuCon 2013!

Having grown up in Edwardsville, NatsuCon lies in her old stomping grounds. She’s looking forward to hosting several panels and helping judge the NatsuCon Costume Contest. You can read her bio here, and check out photos of her cosplay on her facebook page.

Be Mindful of Pre-Reg Deadlines!

There are less than three weeks left of Tier 1 Registration where a weekend pass is just $25! Tier 1 ends on Friday May 24.

Tier 2 now ends on June 21, but order sooner instead of later to get your way into NatsuCon 2013 at the best price. The Tier 2 weekend pass is $35 dollars. Get a group of 10 together and save a 25% off the total order price with our group discount! We hope to see you there!

We Hope You Liked Our Last Annoucnement…

Because it was quite the April Fool’s Joke!

Our Badge Art Contest ended last week on April 5 and we are more than pleased with the entries. Judging will take place in the next few weeks. Winners will be contacted via e-mail during the first or second week of May. Thanks again to all the artists who entered!

More news about what to see at NatsuCon 2013 is coming soon, so be sure to check out our facebook and tumblr to stay updated.

World Premiere at NatsuCon 2013!

Ladies & Gentlemen, NatsuCon is proud to announce an exclusive set of guests, organized in partnership with one of the hottest new anime dubs on the market. For summer 2013, our 5th year as a growing event, we happily host several voice actors for a World Premiere of the first English dub of the critically acclaimed series, Homestuck: The Animation.

Homestuck: The Animation


Homestuck began as a webcomic illustrated by Andrew Hussie, and after soaring in popularity, was adapted by Japanese animation studio Gainax. After an initial season of 13 episodes with record-breaking popularity, the Stateside company Animation Dubs Midwest has adapted the first season to English, and has reached out to NatsuCon in order to debut the first episode, complete with a follow-up Q&A with some of the major voices.

First we are excited to welcome the talented Harold Becker, voice of Equius Zahack. Becker is well known for many roles – including the voice of the prolific Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life franchise. He’s been a life-long webcomics fan and is looking forward to working with one of his favorite stories.

NatsuCon also welcomes Vanessa Harkins. With a recurring role in NBC’s
Day One, Harkins is no stranger to television, although she is used to being in front of the camera. Her voice roles in Homestuck playing Vriska Serket are a departure from her on-screen career so far, but she says that getting to voice a character she identifies so closely with makes her much more comfortable.

As a treat, attendees of NatsuCon will also be able to meet Pollo, the voice of Davesprite. The first thing you may notice about Pollo, is he’s a bit different from the rest of his cast. But Pollo is very friendly around humans, and yes, he will be signing autographs. Several other actors will join us Saturday-only for the afternoon English Dub World Premiere, most notably:

  • Kacey Shoemake  playing Rose Lalonde
  • Chris Pearson playing John Egbert
  • Alexander Galacia playing Tavros Nitram
  • Lily Mackentire playing Jade Harley
  • Dexter Lewis playing Karkat Vantas
  • Sven Yosef playing Eridan Ampora

One lucky fan will have their chance at a limited edition Homestuck season 1 DVD (Japanese dub, English sub only) as selected at random at the screening. If you’re interested in winning this, or other unique prizes, please read the fine print below.

To celebrate this momentous event, NatsuCon is not offering a $5 discount for all registrations that enter the code “APRILFOOLS” at check out. If you’ve made it this far, this is where we have to admit, that there is no Homestuck: The Animation, and we aren’t hosting any of the fictitious voice actors listed above. Hey, it’d be cool though, wouldn’t it? Now play a prank on your friends and send this post to someone else!

Get Pumped for NatsuCon Panels!

This year NatsuCon Programming will be bringing you a wide array of panels and events that will excite any con goer! Panel registration will open up soon, so bear with us until then. Bring your best ideas and submit them to show to your fellow con friends. From anime adventures from long ago to recent anime escapades, we will be welcoming all types of submissions. Keep an eye open!